New legislation that is bad for domestic workers is being pushed through state legislatures across the nation. 

We've been tracking this legislation, and we don't like it. The legislation is very similar in every state, and creates a type of worker called a "Marketplace Contractor". 

Lobbyists for Handy have been pushing this legislation through, in one case with barely 10 minutes of discussion

CNN spoke to Handy's lobbyist, Bradley Tusk, who gave some insight on why Handy is targeting these states: "If starting with the harder states failed, we're taking a shot at something that's a little faster." (Handy previously tried to pass similar legislation in New York, but failed.) He also gave some insight into why Handy is working so hard to get this legislation passed: "What is ultimately a better business decision? To try to change the law in a way that you think works for your platform, or to make sure your platform fits into the existing law?" (CNN)

For gig economy workers in these states, rights are at risk

For gig economy workers in these states, rights are at risk



Updated May 14, 2018. If you have an update on a bill, let us know!



SB 363

Introduced by Senator Arthur Orr on March 16, 2018.



AB 2765

This bill was scheduled to be heard by the Labor Committee of the California State Assembly on April 18, 2018, but was withdrawn from the agenda.

We will update this page once we know when and if it comes up in future committee hearings




Passed out of Judiciary Committee on April 11, 2018 but failed to come to the full floor for a vote in this legislative session.



HB 7087


Enacted March 23, 2018.

Having a hard time finding the "Marketplace Contractor" legislation? So were we, because they attached it to a taxation bill. Jump to chapter 451, page 100, of the taxation bill text. The Tampa Bay Times reported on this  "Florida lawmakers approve last-minute change on behalf of powerful lobbyist."



HB 789




HB 1286

Enacted March 14, 2018.



This bill has been sent to the Governor for signature.




HSB 558 & 546

Introduced January, 31, 2018.



HB 220

Enacted March 21, 2018.


SB 735

Passed the Senate on June 15, 2018 and referred to Committee on Rules and Operations of the Senate.


HB 1978

HB-1978 has passed both houses.

The Times Free Press reported on the legislation in the Senate, reporting on sponsor Senator Watson likening "the marketplace platforms to business advertising in newspapers".

We invite Senator Watson to talk to a Handy worker, who will explain that marketplace platforms set the rates of workers, charge workers fines for changing their work schedule, facilitate payments and change rates of workers according to reviews.

Not much like a newspaper when you think about it, is it?



HB 364

Enacted March 21, 2018.