Fair Care Labs takes an experimental and innovative approach to finding solutions for challenges faced by domestic workers. We build products where they are needed, form partnerships when we can, and work to shift culture where it’s creating a barrier. We believe there is not one single solution to lifting standards for domestic workers, rather that we need to be creative and simultaneously employ multiple strategies to create real and meaningful change.

Our innovations include:



Alia makes it easy to provide benefits to house cleaners so they can take a paid sick day or access insurance protection. A clean home deserves fair pay, and benefits are an important part of Fair Pay.  

What we’ve learned: Technology can be a powerful tool to creating new solutions for workers.



Contracts for Nannies is a tool to help you easily create a contract for your nanny. When there is transparency and clear expectations, everything works better.  Learn more.

What we’ve learned: Solutions can be simple yet powerful.



Cleaners deserve a living wage. NDWA Labs’ team worked with Airbnb on their Living Wage Pledge, to represent cleaners’ needs for a living wage. 

What we’ve learned: We need to be where the workers are.



All work should be good, but what does good work really look like? Fair Care Labs developed the Good Work Code, an overarching framework of 8 simple values that are the foundation of good work.  Learn more.

What we’ve learned: Some companies want to do the right thing but aren’t sure how.



The Fair Care Pledge helps employers of domestic workers understand how to be a good employer, and was launched in partnership with Care.com at the Clinton Global InitiativeLearn more.

What we’ve learned: Shifting cultural norms is critical to creating real change for domestic workers.